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8:01:46 Chicago - Hello, Alan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer

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8:01:46 Chicago [Jan. 19th, 2005|07:05 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer
At the meeting in CTU, Agent Richardson is telling his colleagues how he feels about the raid.

"We didn't find what we were looking for, but this number could help us find our lead."

"Well, we've done a thorough search on it Don, but the file came up clean. There's no evidence that this Amedeo guy's been involved with anything but the occasional illegal U-turn. I'll have Carl call the number, but if this doesn't help us, then we've got nothing." says Agent Richardson's superior.

"I'll stick around with Carl. I want to see where this thing goes," says Don.

Don follows Carl, CTU Chicago's head programmer to a room on the opposite side of the headquarters, where Carl shuts the door and activates a recording device. Two other agents come in with them and sit at the long glass table, where Carl dials the number.
Carl gets a busy signal.

"We'll try again in ten or fifteen minutes." declares Don.