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Federal Agent Jack Bauer

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10:38:47 Washington, D.C. [Jun. 18th, 2005|11:44 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer

Wayne paces the halls as he considers the prospects for the successful rescue of his brother. It has never been in the policy of the American government to negotiate with terrorists, but what choice is there? He can't just leave his own brother to be killed, and the American people don't want to lose a president to terrorists. With no clear executive to take authority, the situation is now much harder. Prescott carries much authority in his position as Vice-President, but not enough to be an effective leader.

Just then, the chief of the Secret Service comes. "Sir, I"m going to have to ask you to follow me to the bunker. There doesn't seem to be any threat to you or any cabinet member This is only a precautionary measure. We'd like to put the entire administration in a position where we can maximize our resources to keep a close watch."

Wayne follows him, not sure that this is the best idea. "I thought the Service said that this action potentially came from the cabinet level!"

"Yes, we did. I said we wanted to keep a close watch."
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9:33:00 Monterrey [May. 13th, 2005|10:31 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer
As the Delta force is checking the area, A convoy of about ten vehicles suddenly shows up behind the ranch. The men in the vehicles begin firing automatic weapons at the surprised Delta force, which regroups and takes cover. Jack positions himself behind a large truck to the east of the delta force. Clearly angry at CTU's rush to action in this situation, he mumbles something unintelligible under his breath as the firefight heats up. As the combatants move closer, Jack spots both Salazar brothers and notices that all their men are heavily armed and armored. These are not the thugs who have been guarding the Salazar compound. They are commandos.

The commandoes move in quickly, and the first two members of the delta force drop dead as their cover begins to give way. Jack cannot call for more backup, because the nearest American forces are over an hour away.
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10:29:40 Washington, D.C. [May. 11th, 2005|11:21 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer
In the White House room, after a brief discussion of their options, the cabinet begins to vote on whether to invoke the 25th Amendment. Wayne stands nervously watching nearby. He recalls being told that there were likely traitors who helped the President's kidnappers on the cabinet level, so he is visibly upset. He wonders whether he should give in to Amadeo's demands.

The members of the cabinet have generally held their cards close to their chest during the discussion, but Wayne feels reasonably certain that they will take the necessary measures and invoke the amendment so that the Vice-President can help lead the White House to rescue Palmer.

As the votes are cast, however, they come very close.

"Six votes for the measure, four votes against," declares Vice-President Prescott as the votes are publicly cast.
"Six for, five against."
"Seven for, five against."
"Seven for, six against"

Prescott just needs one more vote, but he is getting nervous.
"Seven for, seven against. That means the deciding vote comes to you, Secretary Ross."

Labor Secretary Michael Ross shifts in his seat. "Given the circumstances, I feel uneasy about this, but I think it will be a much more significant show of strength and resolve to leave the seat of President with David Palmer and rescue him while he is President. I vote nay"

Prescott looks deeply disturbed. He knows he was wrong the last time he invoked the amendment, but he truly feels that the transfer of power was necessary this time to lead the country through this crisis. Wayne, too, is shocked. He can't help but wonder to himself what the true motives were behind the cabinet votes.

"The cabinet has been heard. We will face this crisis as best we can without an active Commander-in-Chief" says Prescott in the most dignified way possible as he exits the room.

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9:24:36 Monterrey [May. 7th, 2005|09:09 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer

Jack is looking out from a thick patch of trees just outside of the Salazar warehouse, checking for any signs of enemy movement outside the warehouse. His hostage is tied to a tree and gagged with rope that was in a storeroom of the warehouse. Jack was lucky to find this stuff, but, after all, the Salazars would naturally have such equipment handy, for anyone they needed to extort or kidnap.

The Delta Force was a little less than twenty minutes out when Jack called CTU to give them the go ahead for the raid. They should arrive any minute now.

Just then, an old, blue Chevrolet truck pulls up to the burning . Jack is only just out of sight as the truck parks. He sinks back into the shadows and then behind the trees, to avoid any chance of being detected.

"¡Este fuego es enorme! ¡Llamada Ramon!" says one of the men in the truck. Jack knows they won't risk reporting the fire, but he also knows that the suspicious circumstances will lead them to search for the party responsible.

One of the Salazar henchmen approaches the small, wooded area. Jack draws his gun, expecting a fight.

Then all of a sudden, a barrage of gunfire erupts and all of Salazar's men fall dead.

The Delta Force had arrived.
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7:23:46 CTU Los Angeles [May. 7th, 2005|07:57 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer

Agent Baker is very enthusiastic about leading this operation as he doesn't get many opportunites like this. He is walking to one of two CTU Suburbans in the parking lot at this moment. The mission that Michelle has assembled his team for involves capturing the owner of a seedy bar and bringing him in for questioning. He laughs to himself at the almost movie-like setting. "They'll probably be in the back room playing poker," he thinks. When he arrives at the Suburban, he climbs in the driver's seat and drives off, the other vehicle following him.
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9:18:22 CTU Chicago [Apr. 1st, 2005|11:35 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer
Back in Chicago, Don begins to dial the mysterious number again, but Carl is upset.

Carl is about Don's age, tall and thin, but notably less energetic and enthusiastic about such situations. He is serious, thoughtful, and obedient, rarely able to take risks. He has been with Don for a long while, and can read him like a book.

"Listen, Don, I've known you since college. I know how much you admired George Mason and how you've modeled your career after his, but if you don't mind me saying-"

"I do mind, Carl." says Don coolly. Just do your job and record this call, alright."

"Whatever you say Don, you're the boss-to-be."

Carl starts the recorder yet again as Don dials.

After several rings, the phone is finally answered.

"Hello?" says the man's voice.

"Hi, I'm looking for Amadeo." declares Richards.

"I'm he," responds Amedeo politely. "May I ask who's calling?"

"Sir, this is agent Don Richards of CTU chicago. I would just like to ask you a few-"

"Is this about the Lucanas again?" interrupts Amadeo, noticeably irritated. "They were cleared of all charges a long time ago, sir, and my lawyers have instructed me not to reveal any more personal information than I already have, lest some vicious truth distorters come after their good name yet again. Good day, sir!" says Amadeo indignantly."

Don begins to reply "Actually I wasn't calling about-"

Amadeo hangs up. Don, visibly upset, makes his way back to his office and ponders his options.
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9:11:32 Monterrey [Apr. 1st, 2005|10:53 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer
In the large warehouse, Jack creeps about silently, avoiding contact so far with the guards. He makes his way to the east corner, where he knows he can find more weapons and ammunition. The second guard, Silvio's partner, is nervous enough that he has contacted four others to search the warehouse. It is too early to report to the Salazars, however, because he fears what they will do to him if he sends them on a wild goose chase.

Jack finds an AK-47 the storehouse, and loads it. Putting on a flak jacket and taking extra ammo with him, he positions himself for attack. Knowing he has just minutes before CTU forces arrive for the bust, he wants to be at the ranch when the Salazars are busted. Running low on time, he positions himself behind a stack of crates, and throws a tin can several feet away from himself.

The guards, now just outside the warehouse, quickly hear the sound, and rush inside to inspect it. Now very paranoid, they split up at the entrance. sweat gleans on their foreheads as they creep forward. Jack remains deathly silent. As the first guard walks past the crates, Jack leaps from behind and grabs him, and tries to kill the man as quietly as possible by snapping his neck. It doesn't work. The other guards hear him and come running. As soon as they see Jack, they begin firing, and he fires back. He had hoped that the Salazars would not be alerted, but he hears a guard radio them. "Bauer es un traidor!" Jack hears. As the firing continues, Jack takes a painful hit in the shoulder, but the bullet is absorbed by the flak jacket.

Seeing an opportunity, Jack darts around a corner and out of view. As the guards approach, Jack pulls out a smoke grenade he has concealed from the storehouse, and throws it. The remaining four guards are engulfed in smoke and disoriented as Jack rushes headlong into the thick cloud. Jack grabs one guard and snaps his wrist. A panicked guard turns and fires blindly, hitting gas pipelines about 30 feet down, which promptly explode, knocking all of them down and causing them to lose their weapons. The fight comes down to hand to hand combat between Jack and three guards in a thick smoke cloud, and the supports of the warehouse igniting in flame. Jack deftly takes them all out one by one with his best combat moves, and finally grabs one of them to hold him hostage and use him for leverage when the Salazars arrive. He takes out his phone, and calls CTU.
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7:09:45 Los Angeles [Feb. 4th, 2005|09:01 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer

As Ryan Chapelle looks at papers on his desk at CTU, he is lost in thought. He'll be so relieved when his time managing CTU is up in a couple of months and he can move back into his office at division. He's not even supposed to be at CTU, but Brad Hammond sent him there to manage things for a while.

The telephone rings.

Chepelle, slightly irritated at this interruption, picks up the phone.


"Mr. Chapelle, we have a possible lead to the syndicate that kidnapped the president. We probably shouldn't even follow it. It may waste our time."

"Hold on, Chloe, what is it?"

"You don't have to pressure me! I don't work in stressful situations!"

*Chapelle is now very irritated.*

"Chloe, what is the lead?"

"There's a bar here in Los Angeles owned by a man with ties to the syndicate."

"That's great! Send the information to Michelle's computer and I'll tell Michelle to send over someone right away!"

"Mr. Chap----" Chloe says, as Chapelle hangs up.

Chapelle calls Michelle after the conversation is completed.


"Yes, Mr. Chapelle?"

"I want you to set up a team of agents to track down a lead here in Los Angeles. Chloe is sending the information to your computer right now. I want Agent Baker in Charge of this operation."

"Yes, Sir."

Michelle sets to work, contacting the team to conduct the mission.
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10:05:01 Washington, D.C. [Jan. 19th, 2005|07:25 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer
"Listen, Wayne. If you value David's life, you'll give me exactly what it is I want," says the man on the telephone.

"Amedeo, I already did your bidding when I got all the dirty intel on your family erased. What do you want with me now?" demands Wayne angrily.

"Wayne, you've worked for the CIA, and you are in a very prominent position. I want you to make sure that the CIA director steps down quietly, and Paulsen gets the job."

Wayne looks around nervously.

"What interest do you have with the CIA? You never were a fan. And why Senator Paulsen?" Wayne is more paranoid and suspicious by the moment.

"Wayne, I've made my demands. Unless you want the tragic news of your brother's death to permeate this country, make it happen!"

Amedeo hangs up, and Wayne slips back into the basement room with the Cabinet for the proceedings.
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8:01:46 Chicago [Jan. 19th, 2005|07:05 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer
At the meeting in CTU, Agent Richardson is telling his colleagues how he feels about the raid.

"We didn't find what we were looking for, but this number could help us find our lead."

"Well, we've done a thorough search on it Don, but the file came up clean. There's no evidence that this Amedeo guy's been involved with anything but the occasional illegal U-turn. I'll have Carl call the number, but if this doesn't help us, then we've got nothing." says Agent Richardson's superior.

"I'll stick around with Carl. I want to see where this thing goes," says Don.

Don follows Carl, CTU Chicago's head programmer to a room on the opposite side of the headquarters, where Carl shuts the door and activates a recording device. Two other agents come in with them and sit at the long glass table, where Carl dials the number.
Carl gets a busy signal.

"We'll try again in ten or fifteen minutes." declares Don.
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