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Hello, Alan

24 RPG Community

Federal Agent Jack Bauer
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This community is an rpg.
The events contained within take place between seasons 2 & 3 of the television series "24."
This community is maintained by:

We, the moderators of the Hello, Alan community apologize for the delay in accepting new members. It has been a tough semester at college, and we’ve been a bit short on time. We’d first like to lay down the guidelines for members and their posts:

• Clean posts
• Posts only in the story, and relevant to 24. This community is not for chatting, but strictly a 24 fanfiction.
• One must have a strong knowledge of 24, especially past seasons.
• You should be good with grammar and spelling.
• Please follow the established format for headings. Set an appropriate time, and take note of the differing time zones.
• Absolutely NO SPAMMING WHATSOEVER. DO NOT use this community to advertise other communities. All such posts will be deleted. If you want to affiliate, email us, and we will put a link to your site on our user info page if you do the same for us.

The community moderators reserve the right to remove any members that fail to observe these rules.
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