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9:24:36 Monterrey - Hello, Alan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer

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9:24:36 Monterrey [May. 7th, 2005|09:09 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer


Jack is looking out from a thick patch of trees just outside of the Salazar warehouse, checking for any signs of enemy movement outside the warehouse. His hostage is tied to a tree and gagged with rope that was in a storeroom of the warehouse. Jack was lucky to find this stuff, but, after all, the Salazars would naturally have such equipment handy, for anyone they needed to extort or kidnap.

The Delta Force was a little less than twenty minutes out when Jack called CTU to give them the go ahead for the raid. They should arrive any minute now.

Just then, an old, blue Chevrolet truck pulls up to the burning . Jack is only just out of sight as the truck parks. He sinks back into the shadows and then behind the trees, to avoid any chance of being detected.

"¡Este fuego es enorme! ¡Llamada Ramon!" says one of the men in the truck. Jack knows they won't risk reporting the fire, but he also knows that the suspicious circumstances will lead them to search for the party responsible.

One of the Salazar henchmen approaches the small, wooded area. Jack draws his gun, expecting a fight.

Then all of a sudden, a barrage of gunfire erupts and all of Salazar's men fall dead.

The Delta Force had arrived.