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9:11:32 Monterrey - Hello, Alan [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer

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9:11:32 Monterrey [Apr. 1st, 2005|10:53 pm]
Federal Agent Jack Bauer
In the large warehouse, Jack creeps about silently, avoiding contact so far with the guards. He makes his way to the east corner, where he knows he can find more weapons and ammunition. The second guard, Silvio's partner, is nervous enough that he has contacted four others to search the warehouse. It is too early to report to the Salazars, however, because he fears what they will do to him if he sends them on a wild goose chase.

Jack finds an AK-47 the storehouse, and loads it. Putting on a flak jacket and taking extra ammo with him, he positions himself for attack. Knowing he has just minutes before CTU forces arrive for the bust, he wants to be at the ranch when the Salazars are busted. Running low on time, he positions himself behind a stack of crates, and throws a tin can several feet away from himself.

The guards, now just outside the warehouse, quickly hear the sound, and rush inside to inspect it. Now very paranoid, they split up at the entrance. sweat gleans on their foreheads as they creep forward. Jack remains deathly silent. As the first guard walks past the crates, Jack leaps from behind and grabs him, and tries to kill the man as quietly as possible by snapping his neck. It doesn't work. The other guards hear him and come running. As soon as they see Jack, they begin firing, and he fires back. He had hoped that the Salazars would not be alerted, but he hears a guard radio them. "Bauer es un traidor!" Jack hears. As the firing continues, Jack takes a painful hit in the shoulder, but the bullet is absorbed by the flak jacket.

Seeing an opportunity, Jack darts around a corner and out of view. As the guards approach, Jack pulls out a smoke grenade he has concealed from the storehouse, and throws it. The remaining four guards are engulfed in smoke and disoriented as Jack rushes headlong into the thick cloud. Jack grabs one guard and snaps his wrist. A panicked guard turns and fires blindly, hitting gas pipelines about 30 feet down, which promptly explode, knocking all of them down and causing them to lose their weapons. The fight comes down to hand to hand combat between Jack and three guards in a thick smoke cloud, and the supports of the warehouse igniting in flame. Jack deftly takes them all out one by one with his best combat moves, and finally grabs one of them to hold him hostage and use him for leverage when the Salazars arrive. He takes out his phone, and calls CTU.